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Ashdown Sailing Club is a friendly club with members ranging from very experienced sailors, to novices who have never set foot on a boat before.

The club puts crew and boat owners together on club cruises and rallies, both in the Solent area and further afield.

Finish of the Clipper Round the World Race.

Broadly speaking, new members would fit into one of 3 categories:

Novice or little experience
If you have no experience at all of sailing you can learn the ropes in a relaxed environment. Read a report from a novice on his first cruise.

Boat owner (experienced or not)
If you own a boat you get to enjoy the company of other like minded sailors. If you wish you can be put in touch with members to join you on cruises as crew. If you wish to sail with your own crew, that's fine.

Experienced sailor
If you can sail but don't own a boat ASC provides sailing opportunities on the south coast and overseas without the costs of chartering.

Ashdown Sailing Club creates an environment for sharing sailing skills and know-how in a fun and supportive way.

The costs for all are minimal, and every member builds up useful sailing contacts. Membership is only twenty pounds per year with no joining fee. When sailing, food, drink and mooring costs are split.

A peaceful night in Keyhaven Creek

Whether you're fresh back from the Fastnet or you've never stepped foot on a boat, you will be welcome at Ashdown Sailing Club.